About Payment

Q: In addition to the freight,What is the other cost?

A: Singapore air transport: the size of any side can not exceed 150cm, the weight of a single package can not exceed 30KG, and the size exceeds 250 yuan(ps: each additional 30kg will accumulate a surcharge of 250 yuan, such as 60kg over 500 yuan)

Malaysian air transport: East Malaysia parcel weight can not exceed 25KG, more than 170 CNY will be incurred

The weight of the West Malaysia parcel should not exceed 68KG, and the excess will cost 150 CNY. If you need to add equipment such as a card trailer, the fee will be charged according to the actual situation.

Singapore shipping:  Sea big bag:unilateral can not exceed 2.2 meters, single piece weight can not exceed 70KG, more than 200 CNY will be incurred

                                 Sea small bag: size does not exceed 1.5M, single piece weight can not exceed 40KG

Malaysia Shipping: Shipping Big Bag: Limit 2.6 meters high, 2.4 meters wide, not more than 3 meters long,more than 150 CNY will be incurred,the weight of a single piece can not exceed 70KG, 200 yuan over the excess.

Shipping parcel: West Malaysia Packetsize limit 120*80*80 The weight of a single piece cannot exceed 30KG, and the excess will cost 150 CNY.

                           East Malaysia Packet Size Limit 120*80*80 The weight of a single piece cannot exceed 25KG, and the excess will cost 170 CNY.

Hong Kong transport restrictions: single piece weight can not exceed 30KG, such as super 30KG does not send

                              Single side long over 120 CM delivery plus RMB 230 yuan / ticket

                             Handling upstairs (if applicable): If there is no lift at the delivery address or the lift cannot reach the floor of the delivery address, an additional fee of 30 RMB (each floor) will be charged

Japan's air transportation restrictions: the size of any side shall not exceed 1.5 meters, the maximum horizontal circumference beyond the length and length shall not exceed 3.0 meters, and the package weight shall not exceed 30KG.

  Prouter will charge parcel storage fee for those which have arrived warehouse for more than 30 days.

  For air freight shipments, maximum length and weight of shipment (the longest side) is 150 cm and 30kg.

  Exceeding this value will impose a 250RMB delivery charge. 

 (L+H+W)/6000=volumetric weight  ( in CM ); If volumetric weight  exceeds 2 times actual

Q: How to check shipping rate?

A: Check out our homepage and try "Price calculator" to check shipping price to the world.



Select your destination and shipping service then input your parcel weight, you can find out how much we will charged you.


Q: The product I purchased is 4kg, but the shipping fee is more than 4kg?

A: For some freight services, fee is calculated by product’s material and actual weight, whichever is heavier, for more information please check fee charts. 


Q: How can I pay?

A: We support Paypal and Alipay. If you don't have the above accounts, you can pay by credit card which will be secured by Paypal.