About Services and Logistics

Q: What Value-added Service does Prouter supported

A: Different from other consolidate & forwarding shipping service company, Prouter devotes to being fast, safe and money saving

Soon there will be more FREE value-added service for Prouter users. Please wait and enjoy! 

Q: Can I use your address to receive products for other shipping site other than taobao

A: We welcome products from every shopping site and even offline products from around China and Japan to use our service.

However, we reject any illegal product and high value products are not recommended.

Here is some suggestion on where you can buy from:

·       www.jd.com

·       www.z.cn

·       www.dangdang.com

·       www.vip.com

·       www.suning.com

·       www.tmall.com

Q: What's the difference between www.prouter.com and Taobao-Prouter consolidate & forwarding service?

A: Prouter.com is not the same as Taobao-Prouter, we belong to the same company but are different service.

www.prouter.com and Taobao-Prouter platform can not  get the data of each other. 

So if you select consolidate & forwarding service on Taobao while you make the order, you are not using 

www.prouter.com service, and www.prouter.com will not have your parcel data, you will need to check the data on taobao.

Q: Where does Prouter have warehouses?

A: We have warehouses in both China and Japan now, and we are opening more in other countries, please look forward! 

Q: Why do some products have more options on freight ways?

A: System will automatically rule out freight ways that are not applicable for certain products. 

Q: Does Prouter provide cold storage and cargo services?

A: Sorry, we don’t provide such services at the moment.

Q: I wish to be a business partner with Prouter!

A: Please contact our staff.

Q: Has my parcel arrived at Prouter's warehouse?

A: Check out our homepage and try "Track my parcel" to see if your parcel has arrived at our warehouse yet. Make sure 

your local courier has delivered your parcel successfully before you track your tracking code.

Q: How long does it take for the parcel to arrive?

A: Different freight way’s delivery time is different for every country.


Q: What if I missed the delivery?

A: Usually delivery staff will contact you before they deliver parcels. If they fail to contact you, they will rearrange delivery 

time with you.


Q: It shows parcel already arrived destined country but I still haven’t got my parcels?

A: Sometimes even your parcel has arrived the destined country, we can’t guarantee it will be delivered to you on the exact 

same day. Local delivery staff will arrange the delivery depends on the workload. Please be assured that under normal 

circumstances, you should receive your parcel in a few days after parcel left the warehouse.