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Prouter International Logistics Membership Service Agreement

This Agreement is entered into between users and Shenzhen Prouter International Logistics Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as the “Company”), where both sides concerned are collectively referred to as the “Parties”. In this Agreement, “Prouter International Logistics” refers to the online trade platform managed and operated by the Company, including but not limited to,,

Users shall read this service Agreement carefully before using the services provided by Prouter International Logistics. If users do not agree to any of the content of the terms of this Agreement, they may cancel the services provided by Prouter International Logistics, or otherwise, Users to use the services provided by Prouter International Logistics, undertake to accept and comply with all relevant rules. Prouter International Logistics has the right to enact, amend this Agreement or other rules and regulations as needed from time to time; in case of any change to the Agreement, Prouter International Logistics will publish an announcement on the website to notify the users. Users who do not agree to the changes must stop using the "services". The revised Agreement will immediately and automatically take effect upon being published on the website of Prouter International Logistics. All rules and regulations will come into force after the release as an integrated part of this Agreement. To log in or continue to use the "services" means that the users accept the revised Agreement. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, any new content that expands the scope or enhances the function of the "services" is subject to this Agreement.

Users must read the entire service Agreement carefully prior to conclusion of the Agreement. Any questions herein can be consulted to Prouter International Logistics. Users who complete registration successfully according to Prouter International Logistics registration procedures are deemed to come to this service Agreement with Prouter International Logistics and agree to accept the contents of the Agreement, then the Agreement is legally binding for the Parties concerned.

  • 1. Users shall not lend, transfer, trade or mortgage their membership;
  • 2. Users shall not transfer or lend their account and password to others. All disputes and consequences caused by their improper storage of account, unsafe operation or use shall be at their own risk, without any liability on Prouter International Logistics. Users shall inform Prouter International Logistics in writing and request to suspend or terminate related services when finding illegal theft or use of their account or other incidents endangering the account safety. Prouter International Logistics will deal with them within a reasonable period of time, but it shall assume no responsibility for consequences (including but not limited to any loss of users) brought about before taking action.
  • 3. Users shall provide detailed and accurate personal data in time, and update registration information constantly in line with the requirements of timeliness, comprehensiveness and accuracy. All the original typed data will be referred to as registration information. For consequences as a result of any problem arising from false registration information, Prouter International Logistics will assume no responsibility;
  • 4. Prouter International Logistics shall protect personal information in accordance with the privacy policy and provide no identifiable personal information to any third party.
  • 5. Prouter International Logistics reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the user. Prouter International Logistics has the right to disable the account of the users who fail to provide valid identity certificates or shopping credentials and no longer provide the services.
  • 1. In case of loss, damage or shortage happening to uninsured consigned goods, compensation will be made according to regulations for claim published on the official website of the Company ( (visit claim information page for details); the Company does not accept responsibility for any indirect, collateral, special or derivative loss (including but not limited to lost income or profits).
  • 2. The Company does not accept any responsibility for loss, damage, delivery delay, delivery error or non-delivery of consigned goods because of the following cases, and does not accept liability or take actions such as adjusting freight rates or refunding as compensation for damages to users, including but not limited to that for damages of profits, business reputation, use, data or other non-physical losses:
    • a) Users, consigned goods owners or carriers fail to fulfill their obligations or negligence occurs;
    • b) Due to nature or flaws, characteristics or inherent defects of consigned goods, such as any obvious damage;
    • c) Users violate freight notes, the terms herein, service guide or other agreements issued by the Company, including but not limited to false statement of goods, and the case where the package, security assurance, marks or address of consigned goods recorded wrongly or incompletely;
    • d) There occurs an air crash, enemy invasion, acts, omissions, riots or strikes of government authorities, legal competence, customs or inspection officers, or other dangers brought about by regional disputes, civil unrests, wars or weather, or national or regional air or ground transportation system disruption or interference or malfunction of the communication system caused by matters beyond the company's control. Under such circumstances, the Company will make every reasonable effort to ship the goods to the destination as soon as possible and complete the delivery. But we have no obligation to give notice to users in such case;
    • e) The Company follows oral or written instructions on delivery of users or other consignors and consignees;
    • f) Loss or damage occurs to goods inside the package a package made up and sealed by the consignor when the package arrives in good shape without damage by and large, with no exception or a written damage record from the consignee;
    • g) Delay occurs due to customs clearance procedure of other procedures specified by the competent authorities;
    • h) Delay occurs due to users’ failure to confirm payment of tariffs and taxes in time;
    • i) Data stored in tapes, documents or other storage media is eliminated, or photographic images on the exposed films or sound tapes are eliminated;
    • j) The package remains intact but the internal articles are damaged;
    • k) Breakage and damage occurs to fragile items, including but not limited to glass-ceramic materials and products, musical instruments, electronics components, photographic equipment, etc.; except for breakage and damage of the items under value-added reinforcement services as required;
    • l) Damage occurs because the consignor or the shopping website fails to provide packaging as needed to support multiple transport;
    • m) We will assume no liability for the costs or other related consequences caused by delivery repetition due to impossibility to contact the consignee as a result of false, incomplete, incorrect or missing address information provided;
    • n) The system will automatically remove the package and jettison if no freight note is submitted for shipment after cargo storage for more than 90 days.

For claims for damage or loss (including decay or damage due to delay) of all or part of consigned goods, the consignor must submit a written application to the Company for claims in writing, including an application form, purchase invoices or certificates, and receipt credentials, within 30 days after arrival of consigned goods, For claims for delivery failure or errors, the consignor shall submit a written application to the Company within 30 days after acceptance of consigned goods. Any application for claim beyond the deadline will be dismissed.

If there is no written notice of damage of the accepted goods on the acceptance receipt of the consignee, it shall serve as the preliminary evidence that consigned goods are delivered in good condition. For abnormal packages, the consignee must give a clear indication on the receipt when to accept and have it signed by the courier. Upon arrival of the goods at the designated location, the goods signed for by the doorman, colleagues, family members and other collecting agents shall be deemed as signed for by the consignee himself/herself, expect that the user or the consignor specifically states the goods shall be signed for by the named consignee. For packages normally signed for, the Company will not accept the claim.

  • 1. The consignor shall not deliver goods or articles banned to be transported by the state or carry them secretly in consigned goods; for all losses caused by the carrier due to violation of this convention, the consignor shall make double compensation;
  • 2.The consignor or the consignee shall not unreasonably refuse to pay any service fees. For goods agreed to be paid for upon arrival at the destination, the consignor undertakes the joint liability for the costs associated with consigned goods. If the consignor or the consignee fails to cover the costs for no reason, the carrier can exercise disposal, lien and other remedial rights over consigned goods, with the resulted consequences to be borne by the consignor or the consignee;
  • 3.The carrier bear responsibility for the safe transport from collection to deliver the goods, subject to compensation for damage, shortage, loss or pollution occurring to the goods during this period;
  • 4.Any disputes arising from performance of or in connection with this Agreement can be resolved through consultations or mediation between the Parties. If consultation or mediation fails, either party may take a legal action to the people's court in the Company’s premises.
  • 5.The consignor must faithfully declare the value of the goods, which shall be equal to the transaction prices agreed by the consignor and the consignee. If case of shutout or a fine imposed by the customs as a result of the consignor’s concealing or underreporting of the goods value, the consignor shall undertake all the responsibility and charges incurred;
  • 6.The freight price shall depend on that published by the carrier. The price does not include pickup and delivery service fees, taxes, government fees, and other expenses increased due to the reason of the consignor or the consignee.
  • 1.. Cash, cheques, bills of exchange, bonds and other marketable securities;
  • 2.Credit cards, cash cards and other cards;
  • 3.Deposit books and cash cards issued by financial institutions;
  • 4.Packages with unidentifiable address;
  • 5.Live animals and plants, dead or stuffed animals (specimens);
  • 6.Bodies or a part of the body, remains, osseous remains, and memorial tablets;
  • 7.Stimulants, cannabis, anesthetic, drugs acting on the central nervous system and affecting the mental state and other prohibited drugs;
  • 8.Guns, swords, arms, weapons, gunpowder, explosive, toxic substance, and poisonous chemicals;
  • 9.. Medical drugs and medical instruments;
  • 10.Child pornography paintings, adult porn videos and other obscene articles;
  • 11.. Goods subject to transport, import and export banned or restricted by the laws of the import and export countries, states and local self-government bodies, including via lands; and other articles prohibited for transport under the transport protocol of airlines and transport companies;
  • 12.Other articles not suitable for consignment.

Users shall not perform or possibly perform any of the following acts in using the servers.

  • 1.Use the services for any improper purpose;
  • 2.Violate the Company’s and any third party's trademark rights, copyrights, appearance patents, invention patents and other intellectual properties as well as image, advertising and other rights;
  • 3.Get involved in crime such as fraud;
  • 4.Be disguised as a third party in use of the services;
  • 5.Make improper use of the Company's and a third party’s equipment, or impede operations;
  • 6.Violate the laws, this Agreement or individual agreements, as well as public order and social morals;
  • 7.Hinder performance of the services;
  • 8.Other acts that the Company thinks fail to conform to the regulations.

If users violate the conventions above, Prouter International Logistics may suspend or terminate services for them depending on the severity of the case; if violating legal rules, users will be transferred to the relevant authority; in case of any loss caused to the Company, the Company may demand compensation from the users.

  • 1. Implementation and interpretation of this Agreement as well as settlement of disputes shall be governed by the law of PRC;
  • 2.Any disputes arising in connection with this Agreement or its implementation shall be resolved by both Parties through friendly negotiation; in case negotiation fails, either party may take a legal action to the people's court in the Company’s premises.
  • 3.The Company’s failure to exercise or perform any right or provision under this service Agreement does not constitute a waiver of the aforementioned right or provision. If any term of this Agreement is completely or partially invalid or not enforceable for whatever reason, the remaining terms remain valid and binding.