Malaysian shipping price is adjusted Notice

Notice 2018年09月11日 17:24:13 Page view:1624

Dear prouter customer:

     As Malaysia recovers 10% of SST,Starting from 00:00 on September 12, 2018, the Malaysian shipping price is adjusted as follows:

      PRT CBM SEA   Adjusted price East Malaysia First weight CNY514.5/0.5CBM Continued weight  CNY 94.5/0.1CBM  

                                                        West Malaysia First Weight CNY 367.5 /0.5CBM Continued Weight CNY 73.5/0.1CBM

         PRT Sea  Adjusted price East Malaysia First weight CNY CNY 27.30/1.00KG Continued weight CNY9.98/0.5KG

                                                   West Malaysia First Weight CNY CNY 19.95/1.00KG Continued Weight CNY5.78/0.5KG